52 yr old man leading an otherwise rewarded, well-supported life. Gnawing anxiety and deep nervousness came out of nowhere. I feel overwhelmed but the most mundane tasks of my life and those that I professionally master. Was checked, found low testosterone. Began exploring that with Dr ( GP) offering bio-ident therapy. Days got worse, Dr. suggested sertraline until T built up; 4+ weeks ago. When days got much worse, I went to local trusted Dr (GP) because hormone Dr only offered ER visit as my option. Where I am today: Hormone Dr put me on 25mg sertraline twice a day for 3 days, then 50 mg twice a day. I take 50 mg @ 6 in morning and 50 mg @ 6 at night.
This Dr GP local is very attentive and thorough, but I've concerns, please. She put me on Buspar 7.5 mg twice a day with the Sertraline from hormone Dr.
Concerns: is taking these twice a day the right way? All I read is once daily; make a difference? And, today is day 18 for the Sertraline and day 11 for Buspar; I've felt no change. I read that 21-28 days it what it takes??? I go back to Dr GP in morning. She has been very supportive; she ran tests not done and found positive for mono, but I remain asymptomatic, so that's a blessing. Somewhat convoluted story; please understand I had to seek some help when days got really bad; both Drs are GPs but hormone Dr is 2 hours away. I've been through much in my career, but nothing close to this. I can patiently wait, but the difficulty sleeping and how brutal the anxiety is in the morning is so tough. I guess looking for advice and support. Thank you all