... past 3 weeks, i went to the emergency room and did and ekg and bloodwork and all came out fine. i walked out the hospital feeling far better after being hooked up to a IV for close to 2 hours and felt much better. I was told to go to my main doctor for a follow up to get some anxiety meds. but the next week i felt much better. i still had slight anxiety and occasionally heart pounding and a feeling of vibration in my chest would come and go. Then i went to my docter who perscribed me Zoloft and lorazepam. So even though my anxiety wasnt horrible i still wanted the medicine to make it better and get rid of it for good. But that didnt happen, ive taken Zoloft 5 times and on the second day on zoloft i began to feel pretty bad. ive had almost every side effect possible, nausea, bad headaches, feeling of being in another world, tingly body, ive actually felt at time like a vibrating toothbrush if that makes sense, my left arm twitches and is in pain i cant explain. for a while i even somewhat would hallucinate when i would close my eyes. Its been the worst week of my life and ive had 2 more visits to the hospital just to be told i was ok. todays is my fourth day off zoloft and i feel a bit better than when i was at my worst around 3 days ago. I honestly couldnt imagine ever feeling this sick. So now im just curious if all this has been from zoloft and if its normal? and how long should Zoloft stay in my system as im still experiancing pain in my left arm and twitching along with buzzing/vibration throughout my whole body although it may be a little less intense. someone please respond!!!