So I've been on Zoloft TWICE before with ZERO side effects. I tried to wean off it in January only to have the anxiety come back 2 months later. I started up on my regular dose of 50 mg but my heart would race so the doctor put me down to 25 MG. Did 25 MG for 2 weeks and am now trying to back up to 50. I am on day 3. Unfortunately, I am having EVERY SIDE EFFECT POSSIBLE! dry mouth, memory issues, brain fog, depersonalization, headaches, insomnia. I don't understand why a medication that has worked TWICE in my body before is doing this to me. I just lay in bed like I'm dying cause I can't feel or process anything any more. I tried Paxil for 3 days and that made me feel completely dead. Same with Xanax. I want my sleep back, having to take Benadryl. Physically & emotionally exhausted. May try Prozac or Pristiq next if this doesn't work.