I am going Monday to visit with my family doctor and talk to him about going on Zoloft. I've researched a lot of SSRI and I seem to think it would be the best starting ground for me. A little about myself- I'm 20 and in college. I've suffered from social anxiety most of my life, but the older I get the worse it gets. I also think I have a touch of agoraphobia as well. On top of that, a few years ago I ended an abusive relationship that set me off into a depression. After reading about Zoloft I think it could help me with those problems. I'm curious as to what side effects come with it. The one that worries me the most is the drowsiness. Does it make you tired, zombie-like? A close friend of mine said Zoloft made her feel that way, but Lexapro did not. Also, what about weight gain? When my depression is bad I have a problem with eating too much. I know that drugs affect everyone differently, but I am curious to what you all have to say. Thank you for your help :)