I was put on Zoloft for many of reasons ams must say worked great. The concerns I have is I had weighed 120 before taking it then about 2/3 months I starting gaing weight really fast. It kept going and going. Told my doc and said it shouldn't really be from tje meds . she switched me to citalopram 10mg, to see of it will help . been on it for about 2 months absand no change . weight still going up. I'm 168 now. So 120,to 168 since June. I haven't gained any weight for 3yrs till now. Well this past June. So basically was and is his new med making gain soooooo much weight. Do this meds slow your metabolism down. I don't get it. I'm very uncomfortable with my weight now. And need to fix this and get all this weight back off. Can someone help with this. I don't get it.