Hi-I have been on Zoloft 150 (Sertraline) for 5 weeks. I jumped really quickly--I started on 50 then 75 for a day or two then 100 for two days and have been on 150 ever since. So basically, low levels for a week then 150. In the past few weeks, I have had shaky hands and a few days ago had itchy skin (which I know could be anything) and leg soreness like I worked out really hard (I have worked out twice in a week) so nothing too crazy. I am very bothered by this--I was on Zoloft before and had no issues. I am also taking (for short period) Klonopin for sleep 1-1.5mg/night. Any thoughts? I feel better but not 100% more like 50-60%. Still get nervous, I also had a miscarriage (ectopic) and had methotrexate about a month ago. Any thoughts? THANKS!