I once took Prozac, Zoloft.For depression years ago, i was also getting high off my meds. After 2 months. It stopped working. I had lots of energy. And very active. Now I take for depression is Trazadone 100 mgs. At bedtime. My disease is Schizo- Affective. And take Saphris 10 mg. 2x a day. I also have some anxiety, i try to manage it. The zoloft, Prozac. Decreased that. The trazadone does not do that. I am pretty active, school, sports, church, volunteer work. Now when I take the SSRI's . My mind start racing. Or thought to thought. Now i am stable with the Saphris, and ativan. I nust ferl the Prozac or Zoloft. I would have more energy. I have none on trazadone. I'm lethargic, and obese. I exercise, the weight stays the same. Should I give some of the SSRI's a chance since I'm stable. Also i take gabapentin 300 mg. 3x a day. As I try to get off Ativan slowly. I think i should give them a try any suggestions. I'm eagerly awaiting a reply.