I am looking for any advice. I started zoloft just over 7 years ago and it changed my life. It was the first time in my life I didn't feel that God awful sink and sadness. About 3 years ago my dr added lamictal to even out my anxiety and it was the perfect cocktail. I had a great run on zoloft but about 4 months ago it quit working. My dr. switched me to viibryd, I stayed on it for 30 days but it made me nuts. So she switched me to cymbalta, which I stayed on for about 40 days. It did nothing. So now I have been on wellbutrin for just over a month and feel terribly depressed. At least the side effects from cymbalta are over but I feel hopeless as far as meds go. I just want that great luck I had with zoloft again. I go in to see my dr again next week. I am hoping to get some input from others who may have gone they a similar experience.