I am 24 and got pregnant (not planned but happy!) I had to go off of effexor and Xanax. I am 16 weeks now due December 22, and I cannot take my panic attacks. They started around week 9 and my OBGYN put me on buspar and it isn't doing much. I have been admitted to the hospital twice for panic attacks and given vistaril as well but now that's like I am taking candy. (I am a repeat offender when it comes to panic attacks and anxiety/OCD. I have had this since I was 8.)
I am wondering if anyone has been in my spot. I am not looking for "doctor advice" like I should or should not take it. Rather, if anyone that reads this wants to share their experiences I would appreciate it.
How long did you take it during pregnancy? Did you have any withdrawals if yiu had to go off of it? Did your newborn suffer withdrawals? What dosages work for you?
I know everyone is very different when it comes to how you feel (physically , mentally, emotionally) but I am at my last end. I want some assurance and advice. Thanks again!