Last Tuesday night I ended up taking one of my brother's Zoloft's (My mother is a Doctor, and I realize how stupid this is, please no lecturing I am looking for honest help). It was a 50mg of sertraline hydrochloride. I decided to take this as a regimin, considering he had three weeks left. Within an hour, I had the worst panic attacks of my life. I stayed up for three days straight (only sleeping because I was fully drugging myself), and ended up in the ER Friday night from panic attacks. Everything was normal there, and I was given some Ativan and told to rest. My question is it is Monday, and I am STILL feeling slightly nervous, and have these episodes where my heart beat increases (or at least it feels like it does) and I feel very, very panicked. My mother, the Pharmasist, the ER Doctor, and my boyfriend have all told me this is inside my head and that I will be okay but I cannot let it go or stop feeling like something is wrong. While I suffer from depression and have for awhile, I have never in my life experienced constant anxiety such as this (almost as if adrenaline is running through me constantly). Did I do permanant damamge to my body off of one 50mg sertraline? (No physical sympthoms besides diarrhea either). The Ativan helps, however I just want to feel like I did before the Zoloft without the aid of a sedative.