Some background info: I'm Canadian, 25 years old, female. Since my late teens when I left home (I had a rough childhood, my father has schizoaffective disorder, which made my life very unstable), I have been suffering from periods of depression that have lasted anywhere from 3 months to a full year. In January 2016 I fell into another depression that wasn't lifting (with the exception of one week in summer) and that was accompanied by a lot of suicidal thoughts, so I finally decided in November that I would seek help. I stated seeing a psychologist and in December my GP diagnosed me with MDD and prescribed Zoloft (starting at 25mg and increasing by 25 mg every 5 days until we hit my current dose of 100 mg), which I started taking December 27th.

Will since then, I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster. After the very first dose, I didn't sleep at all for 48 hours, because I was full of energy and giddy. I told my GP this and she told me that it was due to anxiety from starting the medication and reassured me that his was normal, and to stick with it, which is what I did. The third day, I slept around 5 hours, and was still very happy, and didn't need to sleep again for another 2 days after that. I decided that, even though they told me it would take a month to start seeing the effects of the SSRI, it clearly was working well for me, because I was very happy. I was a lot more social, I was spending time in the mall, I read 7 new books and did all of my lesson planning through to the end of February. But then on January 18th I fell into another very deep depression, but this was like an angry depression. I was crying inconsolably, but I had a lot of energy still, and I ended up spending 3 days crying, throwing adult temper tantrums, staying up all night, and self harming, before finally ending up in my psychologists office, exhausted from the three days prior. She was concerned and very supportive, and I began seeing her twice a week after that, which helped somewhat. This very deep depression lasted until February third, when I began feeling happier again. I am now feeling great. I have been losing weight, reading lots of books, going for walks and being more sociable again. I've done lot of shopping, lots of cleaning. I've been feeling so great that I have decided that I should go back to school to pursue an MEd degree. But I can't shake the nagging feeling that this happiness won't last.

Are these kinds of mood swings normal when starting an SSRI? If anyone else experienced this, when did things start to even out for you?