Ive only been on Zoloft for 9 days now but im dealing with so may emotions I cant handle it. the other day on 25mg I was overly happy and couldn't stop smilling, I was running around full of energy and called pharmacies worldwide just to talk to people. I wanted to know if this was a reaction to the drug or just me ( I was put on Zoloft for extreme mood swings) the pharmacist said that I was basically just in a good mood because it was only day 3 and the medication would not have kicked in yet. yesterday my dr. upped my dose to 50mg and I was in rage. I was incredibely angry and didnt know why. I had a strong urge to put a gun to somebodys head. I was irritable and restless and couldn't sit still. I called my doctor to see if this was a normal reaction but he is away until next week. I took the day off work and locked myself in my room. I tried to sleep it off but I could not sleep. I was wired. I had to wait for it to pass... 6 hours later. Today I feel powerful, like I am on top of the world. I have great strength and nothing can tear me down. I am better than everyone else and they are all below me??? is this a normal reaction to Zoloft. this really isn't me. I don't seem to have any physical side effects, other than diarrhea and dialated pupils the first 2 days. ive never been on any medication before so I don't know how to take this. are these normal reactions to this drug??? anybody experience this?