Hello. I’m going to start my giving you a short summary of what I’ve been through. I was on Paxil 10 years ago and I decided to get off medication and fight my GAD on my own. 1 year after I grew tired of doing it on my own and was put on Prozac and I was in it for 6 years. Around the last couple months of the 6 years it stopped working which is fair. The doctor tried to up the dose of Prozac but I felt like I was coming out of my skin. The doctor switch me to Cymbalta we’re i felt depressed (which has never happened to me) and I stuck with it and it eventually went away but it did come and go. However cymbalta gave me night sweats and my doc said I had to get off it. From there I went to lexapro which was a distaster. I had intrusive thoughts (which I never had before) and I felt zoned out. I tried it out for 6 weeks and gave up. I am now on Zoloft I was originally put on 25 mg and 10mg of lexapro while I was weaning off for one week.Then I took 50 mg of just zooloft for one week (those first 2 weeks were pretty pleasant ) now I’m on my third week of just me Zoloft and I have been depressed and crying all day for the past 4 days. My doctor thinks I am now depressed but I feel as if it’s a side affect form medication. He wants me to increase the medication but I feel it’s better to ride out the wave. He said he never heard of depression being a side affect of Zoloft so basically I’m here for reassurance that it’s possible to be depressed from Zoloft even if you never were really depressed and if it goes away with time? Thanks for your time ANY advice would help me rn.