Please help me. I had a panick attack a little over 3 wks ago & again a few days later both sending me to the ER, that's caused me to have fear of driving or leaving the house even. I'm a home health nurse and as of last week had to take time off work because even at a patients house I'd freak out.. I started taking Zoloft 25mg 3wks ago then up'ed it to 50mg 1wk ago. I havent had a horrible attack like I did but I still don't feel the same. Still get nervous leaving, I've pretty much stayed in the house, absolutely no appetite, if I tried to eat I'll get sick. At night I can eat a little. But I wake up every morning at exactly 5:30am with an instant knot in my stomach and can't get back to sleep. I take Xanax 0.5mg three times A day also. Does it get better? I would love to eat I'm a small person and don't think I can take more weight loss! How long should I wait before I ask to try something else!?