Hi, I am new to the site and I was prescribed recently 50mg of Zoloft for my PMDD and mild anxiety . A little back story about me:
I am 33, 120 lbs, 5 ft, and had pulmonary stenosis and 3 open heart surgeries and the last one being 6 years ago. Since that surgery I've suffered a lot of anxiety that something might go wrong with my heart again and then have experienced PMDD like symptoms. My primary doctor prescribed Zoloft 50mg and I got extremely sick of nausea and vomiting and then stopped taking it and no symptoms of sickness . I told my Dr, and she prescribed me lexapro 10mg- Now I admit I'm really nervous to take this med considering of the side effect of the QT prolongation and increased heart rate. And also I feel like she doesn't "get" what I'm going through she is just throw meds at me and trying not to deal with my situation. So, long story short- have any of y'all been successful taking lexapro 10mg- did that dose seem too high, how were the side effects. I'm tired of worrying and feeling like no one understands. Thanks in advance. Good luck to everyone.