I was on and off (for a variety of reasons like losing a parent, bad relationship, etc.) over the years on zoloft and have had 0 side affects and it really helped. Now I'm starting peri menopause which is making me anxious and nervous (not to mention the nasty affects to my body that are starting ) and my gynocologist has suggested Lexapro since it has an off market effect of reducing hot flashes among other things. This would be great if this can help my anxiety which is caused primarily by the flashes. However I am worried about the side effects on the onstart which I didnt experience with zoloft. Does anyone know if zoloft has the same side effects when starting? I'm hopeful if I didn't experience it with zoloft maybe I wouldnt with Lexapro. Or maybe I'm being unrealistic. Can't imagine 6 weeks of nausea added to my hot flashes/sweats... yikes!