I was on Zoloft for 2 months.
I took 25 mg a day for a week, 50 mg for 6 weeks and then again 25 mg for a week.
How long for Zoloft to get out of my system completely? I`ve been off for 12 days and I can`t sleep well, have spasms in my feet, feel disoriented, have stomach prob.
Can Zoloft be connected with LDL Cholesterol?
My levels of LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol were good before taking Zoloft.
After 2 months the results became suddenly very bad LDL 4.26 mmol/L ( it was 2.76 mmol) HDL 1.21 mmol/L ( it was 1.78 mmol) (now Cholesterol 6.20 mmol/L, before Cholesterol 4.90 mmol/L)
I do not have weight prob. and I eat healthy. The only thing that changed while I was taking Zoloft is that I slept more than 12 hours a day.

Thank you