I have been on Zoloft for 30 days now and my original psychiatrist wanted me on Paxil and I never took it and didn't go back because I lost my insurance (that was last year)... well, I ended up picking a new med this year "Zoloft" since I read what it helps and figured it would work for me, so I went to another free psychiatrist and asked him to put me on that... that psychiatrist did not have any info on my evaluations from my original psychiatrist and just gave me Zoloft and never really cared to find out about my conditions or listen to my updates or problems I was experiencing with the severe side effects.

In fact; he said it was all in my head even though the emergency room and my general doctor could clearly see it was not just in my head!! Guess that what you get for “Free Psychiatry”.

At any rate, I have been experiencing so much trouble with Zoloft but thought it would get better and since I have never been on an ssri before I figured maybe I am just being a wimp after all my anxiety is getting a little better during the day and people say it gets worse before it gets better… I really should have listened to my gut instinct but I was so desperate for Zoloft to work since I have been through hell this year… Within 3 months… I lost my biz, my home, my dad, dealt with anxiety attacks through the roof, night terrors (nocturnal panic attacks) and daily panic attacks… Let’s just say I was at the end of my rope ready to die and I started to actually vision it with great detail! – I still have a ton more scary stress coming my way and it won’t be over for another few months not to mention now I need surgery due to my gallbladder.

Anyways, I went back to my original psychiatrist this month (2 weeks ago) and told him I was on Zoloft and this is when I learned he wanted me on Paxil last year but, since I am already on Zoloft we will see how it goes. Keep in mind that I never really told him how bad I was doing on Zoloft because like I said above… I really thought it would get better.

Well, it has been going horribly wrong I have experienced… Insomnia, Diarrhea and Loose stools , Dry mouth, Fatigue, Indigestion, Shakiness (tremor), Loss of appetite, Increased sweating, Tingling sensation in my hands (paresthesias), Headache (Migraines), Abdominal pain (stomach pain), Constipation, Hot flashes , Nervousness, Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Agitation, Hostility and Aggressiveness, Suicidal thoughts, Chest palpitations, Panic attacks, Shakiness, Internal restlessness and Jitteriness and Acne (boils).

A few of these side effects mentioned above have mellowed out and that is why I thought it would get better, however I still have the painful boils, hyperactivity (feel like I am on speed), abdominal pain, constipation and loose stools, migraines, insomnia, dry mouth, chest palpitations, hostility, shakiness, internal restlessness and Jitteriness. Just last night I could not fall a sleep until 4:30 am and woke up at 6:30 am (waking up 6 times in between). I have been doing this for way too long and it is just getting worse. I really need a med that is more sedating vs. activating. I miss sleeping peacefully for 8-10hrs and waking up refreshed. Now everything wakes me up even the sound of the light wind and even if I did sleep harder I would still wake up every few minutes with my body internally vibrating.

My psychiatrist called after I finally called his nurse to tell him what is going on and he called back and told me to “STOP the Zoloft immediately”!! I guess he wants to try another med which is scary for me because I don’t want the same things to happen, but the other thing that is scary is what damage have I done to myself with this damn Zoloft, it should have been stopped when I told the other psychiatrist all this instead of being told it is all in my damn head. Man, my hubby is pissed and so am I!!

At any rate, I wonder if I will ever be normal again and if there is any better SSRI’s out there that can help my GAD, BPD, OCD, Depression and now INSOMNIA!!

I have never done speed but OMG, if this is how it feels... beam me up Scotty because I cannot do this anymore!! I miss sleeping 8-10 hrs. a night.

So with all this said, can anyone please please please point me in the right direction and educate me on the most sedating meds that help with all my symptoms… I am considering Seroquel.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post - Hugs!