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Why does Zoloft give a false positive result on drug screen?

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chuck1957 23 Mar 2017

Sjmeans; Sorry but there is no one answer Zoloft shows up as many other drugs. What works for many is to tell the place that is doing the test that you are taking Zoloft and it comes up with many false positives or do what this group of people have done that I copied off of Google for you is have it tested at another lab that well check it for the false positive Sorry there really is no good answer or if your doctor is aware of this he or she could write a letter that Zoloft on a urine test can also come back as benzodiazepine, or opiates, And tell them to run the test again knowing about the Zoloft or send it to another clinic that is capable to come up with the truth. this is crazy that you or anyone should have this guilt trip put on you when it is so easy for them to look at their computer and find out that Zoloft has problems with coming up with many false positives. See what your doctor can do for you prior to getting the blood test. If you can go to google and ask the same question and take it to the doctor to show them how many different things come up as a false positive. Good luck but it is all there so that should help. Sorry, I can't be of more help this is tough. but most important Congratulations on being clean again stay that way.

chuck1957 23 Mar 2017

SJ means; Chuck again just thinking and it is terrible like you don't have enough to worry about and these darn screening places of all people should know that Zoloft and many others come up with a false positive. If you have to be nice but firm and talk to the doctor, case worker or probation officer whatever you have on your side this really makes me made. Maybe you could have your Pharmacist look and write it down also to show these jokers. Best of luck. please feel free to let us or me know how it goes well keep you in my thoughts that all goes right. free discount card

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