I’ve been on Zoloft for about 4-5 years at 50mg for anxiety mainly and depression. The last few months I’ve been feeling blah. So my psychiatrist put me on cymbalta and that lasted about 6 weeks. I was still feeling really just blah and didn’t think it worked. So she switched me again to Viibryd. I hated it. I only took it for 5 days and decided i wanted to go back to what i knew. My 50mg Zoloft. So, I’ve been back on my Zoloft now for about 2 months and just wasn’t feeling myself. I was crying a lot and really sad and anxious for no reason. So I called my psychiatrist and we increased to 100mg Zoloft. For 12 days of the increased Zoloft I woke up with the worst anxiety! I mean like racing thoughts and worries like I’ve never had before. Idk if i should give the 100mg more time or if I should consider another medication.