Hi Was wondering if someone can help me with a question. Im on day 15 of zoloft following 5 weeks of citalopram .Im also on 2mg of diazepam 3 times daily but have not been taking that many but have been taking at least 2 a day untill yesterday where i didnt take any Diazepam at all and had the best day so far since starting medication. Today tho i have been a little edgy and a bit of breakthrough anxiety and was wondering if its normal and also if it could be due to not taking any Diazepam for over 30 hours? Im just a little worried that its the Diazepam making me better and not the zoloft but i never had a single diazepam yesterday and only took 2mg today thats my dose by the way 2mgs 3 times daily but if yesterday was my best day so far and i never touched a Diazepam do you think the zoloft is starting to do its job? Also as i went straight onto zoloft following 4 and a half weeks of citalopram should i be feeling the full theraputic affect of the zoloft yet im 15 days in or is there still room for improvement? I only ask this as is it like starting again waiting for meds to fully kick in or should they kick in quicker due to the 4 weeks on Cit . xxxxxx