I was experiencing mild-moderate anxiety and was prescribed Zoloft. Within 5 days I had severe insomnia and after 4 days of no sleep I went to urgent care. They said I had a sensitivity to Zoloft and to immediately stop taking it (I had been on it 10 days). I was prescribed Ativan and Ambien but could not sleep for more than 2 hours using them. I went drug free for 3 days and did not sleep at all. I was then prescribed Paxil along with the Ativan and the severe insomnia continued. When I close my eyes to sleep I feel hyperaroused and usually end up in a panic attack. I ended up with a psychiatrist who said I am also sensitive to Paxil and was told to immediately stop it (she didn't know why they prescribed me another SSRI when I showed sensitivity to it). Despite all that I try I cannot fall asleep without drugs because I am hyperaroused (my eyes don't want to close and I have panic attacks). I can get some sleep with 1 mg of Ativan but my body has started reacting to it as well. They tried me on Seroquel last night (25 mg) and I still had to take 0.5 mg Ativan to sleep. Today I am super hung over. I don't know how to undo the damage that was done to my CNS by the Zoloft/Paxil. I cannot sleep and have a lot of anxiety that comes and goes. One month ago my life was okay except for some moderate anxiety. Now I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. Does anyone have any help or advice for me?