6 months ago I gave it all up and was determined I'd be clean from all medicine and be a tough man. Yesterday I decided enough was enough, and I visited my doctor and laid my heart out to him. He has me on Lamictal, 25 mg twice daily for one month. I'm anxiously waiting for results. This is my first visit here, and just wanted everyone here to become my support group. I'm isolated. I live alone. I have a full time job but after work I do nothing but come home and drink beer and wait until time to go to bed where I lay all night, tossing and turning, crying out to God to help me. I've lost interest in everything and never go outside except to bring the paper and mail in, and I do that early in the morning while it's still dark. I put on an excellent front, I think, while I'm at work. I never go anywhere except work, and buy my dinner for the night during my lunch break. My home is in shambles, I never sweep, clothes are piled up, my shower has mildew and mold growing around in it, my dishes are still sitting from last year, chores are left undone, and I'm isolated from my family and friends. Nothing interests me anymore. I'm very unhappy. I know I need help... I've known it for some time, and now I'm hoping Lamictal is my answer after reading all the positive remarks about it. I guess I just need some support from all of you.