I am a 24yr. male who never was really socially troubled, but after seeing a movie it gave me panic attacks, disturbing thoughts, and anxiety about myself and everyone around me. I would get headaches from thinking trying to convince myself none of it was true. I felt that when ever I look at someone its a sign of sexual interest, even though I was just looking at them. It really started making me panic when my libido towards girls i usually would be interest in all of a sudden are not as appealing as they once were. I have thoughts telling me I am a homosexual when I have never given thought to being one or cared when confronted by a homosexual, and because of these thoughts I become scared worried. Everything I did became a test to weather or not I was gay. At work I freeze up and just think about these thoughts that pop into my head. I know they are not true, yet I continue to worry about them. I know deep down I am an heterosexual, but between worrying about school and how my friends/family accept me causes me great distress. I know deep down inside though that even if my thoughts were true my family and friends would all still be there for me. Will Zoloft make these ideas, and constant worrying? Will it help me get back to the class clown I use to be?