Hey everyone, my psychiatrist prescribed me on 50mg of Zoloft to take one at night for seven days then to increase the dosage to 100mg until I see him in one month. I am on day 5 of taking 50mg and I have some bad side effects. Food does not seem appealing to me and I go to bed at 11pm but wake up at 2am and am wide awake. I am skinny for my height and I am terrified of losing more weight and this three hours of sleep has got to stop. Do you think I should take it in the morning instead of night because of the lack of sleep I am getting? Also, I read that it does take time for both the side effects and the medicine to work but I guess I just wanted assurance from others who are on zoloft to verify how many more days I have to put up with my lack of appetite and sleeplessness. thanks everyone.