I am taking it for anxiety once again because I had stopped using it since I thought I would manage my anxiety by myself. It was helpful at first but then started to help less later on. I'm back on it now. Hopefully helps. I have generalized anxiety and get this horrible panic attacks that almost really look like seizures. My body starts twitching all over like I'm having a seizure but I'm conscience throughout the whole time and feel my body moving so I know it's not a seizure. I get it when I'm anxious or sometimes it can happen suddenly when I make sudden moves. I try to control it for the most part. When I feel the panic attack coming I stop moving until it goes away but if I move while I feel like it coming then I'll get the seizure looking attack. Does anyone have this? Never heard of anyone with this sometimes I feel like it's more than anxiety but I've done all sort of exams like EGG, Kat scan, all sort of exams and my brain is 100% good so it isn't partial epilepsy which was my first diagnosis. Been living with this since young age like 10I'm 20 now. Really hate this gets in the way of interacting with people and stuff.