Hi, I have an anxiety disorder and it has pretty much controlled my life for over a decade. I have times where it's okay, but lately for some unknown reasons it gotten pretty bad, where I just don't wanna go out and I feel pretty spacey and out of it. I also have a fear of medication, or rather the side effects.

Well I finally decided to get medication because I was at a point where I felt I had nothing to lose. I have a history of epilepsy which went away when I was 18, I'm 32 now. Some Meds have warnings that say if you have a history of epilepsy, that I shouldn't take those meds. So this also contributes to my fears of meds. Regardless, My Dr prescribed me Zoloft and I decided to take it.

I was on 25 mg for 3 months, obvs didn't do anything for anxiety, i found I was tired more, mood swings kinda disappeared, and I felt a little lazy. But otherwise no side effects so I decided to go up to 50 mg, which I've been on for a month now. My anxiety has gotten worse, I could probably sleep all day if I let myself, I've been getting headaches, I just haven't been feeling like myself., and have been feeling pretty uncomfortable. I kind of just want to hide inside.

My question is, is it unreasonable to expect results after only a month on 50 mg? People who have been on Zoloft have said they just woke up one morning and their anxiety was gone, so every morning I wake up hoping that today is that day. Because of the side effects I've had on 50 mg, I'm afraid to increase my dose. I don't know what to do, I have an appt with my Dr coming up and I don't know whether to increase my dosage or stop taking it