Should a 14 year old boy who has Type 1 Diabetes be given Zoloft. The doctor wants to give him Zoloft to treat his A.D.H.D and O.D.D.( NOT DEPRESSION)? I don't want him taking this drug or any other kind of drugs without trying to find an alternative. Like something Holistic , Natural or Behavioral Modification. Because of his age and the issues he has with Diabetes,A.D.H.D, O.D.D. AND SOME ANGER AND BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS. I'm afraid that this might harm him in some way. My son already takes insulin 3x a day. And he hates doing this. Because of some problems he has been having in school(walking around in the halls ,never going to class and being very mischevious). The court ordered that he get therapy and medication. I forgot to mention that he has a learning disability too. His brain and other organs are'nt even developed yet.