My psych put me on this med called zoloft back in September for the first time and I took it for only 23 days than stopped it, cause of bad side affects I was having from it. I tried calling and booking appointments to see my psych but either never in or never answers the phone, so I called the pharmacy to get advice on how to handle it and the person side I could either stop talking it since I only taken the medication for almost a month and it was 25 mgs from what I heard is a baby dose or lean off of it so u won't get any withdarwals from the medication, but i stopped it what was mad dumb and my wife said I should have went with leaning off of it but I told her I wanted to just stop completely my fault on my end. My problem now is I have more worse panic attacks cause of the withdarwal from the zoloft and also ran out of my xanax, so at the moment I'm looking for a new psych but til the mean time I'm going to a primary care doctor to get a refill for my xanax till I found a psych. I've been off this pill for about a month and a week so far and I thought the side affects will go away but it didn't. My side affect are not feeling part of reality and memory loss and heart hitting hard against chest like its a heart attack.