... inner ear, diverticulosis. When on Zoloft I am able to handle depression due to pain and mild depression and the added bonus of helping with stomach issues. A year ago weaned off of Zoloft and within a month in hospital with acute diverticulitis. This spring year later insurance co. Blue Cross quit paying for brand Zoloft. Several months passed and after numerous attempts to get Zoloft brand approved by BCBS I get the word no brand. I picked up prescription for Sertraline by AUROB and it seems to be making my heart rate go up and feels like every beat is so strong. I have had this issue before with generic Zoloft and been able to go back to Brand Zoloft and I do good. Why is it $80 plus dollars out of pocket and 1.70 for generic? I usually have taken Zoloft at night and did ok, but was suggested I take in AM the Sertraline! My heart is making it so it is not where I can rest up to 89 bam to not taking it this morning to 72 bam! Anyone have this same experience? Any experience in getting brand Zoloft for less? Also note that I feel like it is as important to diverticulosis as anything