Has anyone ever experienced a faulty batch? I'm due to get my fourth injection on Tuesday and I'm worried that it's not working.
My story so far, i had fibroids and ovarian torsion, underwent surgery Nov'12. After recovery period, pain was moderately better for a few months and then bang! Straight back to square one. Tried the pill, offered and declined the mirena so Zoladex was a last resort. After a bumpy few days at the start the Zoladex changed my whole world. A few flushes but i could smile again, exercise again, lost a stone in no time. Went for my 3rd monthly injection and started to go downhill again, the injection site was sore and swollen, nausea and dark moods. A few more days in and my pain was back with a vengeance. I'm now at the point where the pain is unbearable again, i can't sleep nor function. Is it that the pain could be something else or could the zoladex be faulty or not work somehow? Should i go ahead with number 4?