I am suffering from continue PV bleeding since December 2014, hardly stopped for 10-15 days since then . Some times it's very heavy and passing large clots ( golf ball size or bigger) . Using 14 to 16 pads in 24 hrs and any other days 7 to 10 . It's happened all of sudden in dec when my periods was very painful but no heavy bleeding or clotting as usual stopped after three days but only for two days and then I start bleeding again very heavily with large clots . Which was not normal for me , as my cycle was very regular ( 28 days without any issue ) till Dec. So due to heavy bleeding I ends up in hospital where I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids ( size 3.3 x 3.5cm aprox) and 3mm polyp. but doctors were not convinced that fibroids causing this problem . They said fibroids usually do not cause sudden problem and it's not too bigg as well. So I was commenced on Primoult 5mg TDS and sent home but bleeding was continue they increased Primout to 10 mg TDS and then qid no settling effect and then they put me on Tranexamic acid ( short course ) along with Primoult. Little effect but bleeding was not completely stopped . In April 2015 Polyp were removed via hystroscopic procedure . And stoped all the tablets again . So I ends up in ED again with heavy bleeding with clothing and pain. They put me back on very high dose of Primoult and oral contraceptive with no effect So in July my gynaecologist suggested me , about laparoscopic procedure ( key hole surgery ) to find out if I have endometriosis . They found tinny little Endo wich was burned off . Again stoped all the pills and which was not ideal . One night I hand severe pain and heavy bleeding and I passed out for aprox 10 mins . I ends up in ED again so this time my gynocologist suggested me about Zoladex implant . To stop the bleeding completly for 6 months . I medical language they call this medical menopause . I had this implant aprox 14 days ago I am still bleeding heavily . Does anyone have any experience about Zoladex and how long does this take to start working . I am very frustrated now beauce this condition is affecting me badly , I do not have any social, personal and professional life . I have to ring sick often when I am bleeding heavily or I am in terrible pain. I am 32 yrs old and have no kinds yet . But like to have baby in future. Please help me if anyone have any kind of info to deal with this ... Thanks