I have had problems for over 20 years. I will go 2-3 weeks between my bowel movements. My body just feels horrible all the time. First time takibg Zelnorm I started having normal BM in just a few days!!! It was amazing I know I have risk of colon cancer because of this, waste is not meant to stay in your body for weeks!!! I have tried countless other drugs NONE of them worked like ZELNORM they all had side effects that I couldn't live with Zelnorm only had ONE effect, which was allowing me to have a normal, pain free, daily, much needed BM!!! Now I'm just back to giving myself enemas once a week so yes that means I only poop once a week!!! Why was a drug that worked miracles taken away from us!!! I need answers and help I feel like I'm just slowly dieing from the endside out and im only 38 yrs old!! PLEASE HELP ANSWER MY QUESTIONS