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Can zanxan and bupropn be taken togetter?

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Anonymous 23 Feb 2012

Hello. If by "zanxan" you meant to say Xanax and if by "bupropn" you meant to say Bupropion, the is two fold: yes and no. There are cautions to taking the two. Unless you or the person is directly under a doctors care and supervision, I'd not mix the two. Best of wishes,pledge

audreyturner2 23 Feb 2012

Thanks a lot, I will not take both ,witch one is better I have been on bupropn hcl 150 twice daily for two just dont seem like its working anymore I am a 50 something yr old woman

Anonymous 23 Feb 2012

one can't say which is better because each med treats different symptoms. Buproprion or wellbutrin is an atypical antidepressant, while xanax, a benzodiazepine, treats anxiety, panic dsiorders and the like. The best advice I can give is to talk to your prescribing physician ( hope it's a psychiatrist ) and get his/her viewon your siyuation.
Best of luck,
The Happy Hippie Who Has A Shrink,

audreyturner2 23 Feb 2012

Thanks , I have tryed asking q but just dint understand the answ he was given so I am going to look for a new dr.

Anonymous 23 Feb 2012

Just a though or two, have you set up a profile on this site & listed your meds? The site is very good about giving you info as to what you are taking if they interrreact mildly, moderately or severly. Good idea as long as you are a member. I take many prescriptions due to many conditions, & this site was actually given to me in an email from my son over a year ago as my Christmas present. Best present I ever got. Not only the med notes part, but the community of people in my shoes or yours has been a great help to me..Just a thought... free discount card

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