i graduated high school with academic honors, 4 years basketball and tennis through out high school. Loved life.I was 18, just grduated highschool. July 28, 2005 car wreck, sitting at road construction behind a semi, rearended by a gentlemen running 55-60 mph, shoved me under the semi, just inches from going thru my windshield. I had a seatbelt, airbag, and an angel that saved my life. Nothing broken, just whiplash all over and some scratches, was even able to get out of car and checked on the man that hit me in a revein. Life since then has been a struggle alone, more than what any one young or old should have to deal with on a daily basis. 1 year of treatments to get baselkine headaches and migraines controlled, but in the meantime of all this trying to go 18 credit hours of collge and play basketball in a junior college became more of a burden than enjoyment. I had to quit the team after several talks my attorney, doc, family and myself. Started to look for treatment to helpp put me and my life back together. Doctors gave me pain medicine whiched helped tremendously but that just treated the symptoms. I made my way thru college, got my degree, mother of a beatiful little girl. But i cant function everyday, all day, to the capscity i need for my life. Something is still wrong with me physically, i keep going in circles with the doctors and i tell them my concerns with all the tylenol intake or the potentcy of the medicine they give me. I know their is medicine out their that can help me live a normal life... i dont remember what normal is really anymore. Currently i have to take on average 5 percocets 10mg a day, 2 flexaril 10mg, and ambiem at night to help sleep. Pain Managment centers help, they do, they help me function to partial capacity, but i need someone that is specialized in chronic pain for the true, right reason. someone to find out what is really wrong and try to fix it, as well as keep me comfortable so i can do what i need to do as s young educated adult and mother. I have busted my but to get thru college and do what i needed to do to provide a better life for my future, my daughter and what else life may bring me. Being 23 and having the chronic pain i do prevent me... from being ME!!!