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What do you do when you run out of medicine (Hydrocodone)?

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Inactive 14 Feb 2012

hi jestela, did you get ANY of my private questions??? just checking, mindy

jestela 14 Feb 2012

No minda, for some reason your questions have not arrived and I've noticed that many of my posts are not posting. Dunno.

Inactive 14 Feb 2012

Jestela, SOOOO sorry you didn't get ANY of my responses to you privately!!
I noticed some of your posts were taken down before I could even access them, it went straight to a page that was already taken down??? I thanked you for your service to our country and the horrific price you are paying. I apologized that the Giants got a parade and you guys didn't when returning from Iraq last month, what a travesty... Please know that regardless of what the Powers that be/politicians local and nationally, etc. do or don't do, there are many that pray for you nightly and hope you are getting the respect and care you sooo deserve. Please know that as you endure your suffering there are people that love and care about you no matter what it seems as you try to navigate the maze of the VA and medical profession. Have you tried to send me a private question? Click on my icon and see where it will say "ask a private question"... I am here, minda

Inactive 14 Feb 2012

First of all, did you have a script & take more than prescribed? They won't give you another until it's time for sure. If your pain is that bad, don't wait, make another appt. with you doc, & tell him/her that the dose you are on is not controlling your pain. That's the best answer I can give you. Don't tell them you ran out or they will see you as an addict...

jestela 14 Feb 2012


Inactive 14 Feb 2012

jesrela, I am so sorry all this has happened to you, & thank you for serving our country. I am very sorry that you were so badly wounded. Maybe you need to up your dose to 10mg of hydrocodone. It helped me alot when I was on it. I am now up to oxycodone without tylentol, but I sneak one or two in a day because I think it works better that way. I too have lupus & many other conditions & problems so I know from a pain standpoint where you are coming from. You are probably tolerant of your dose which happens when you have to take them all the time. That's why I am now on oxycodone 15mg. I don't know what they will do next for me either! Probably a rest home or something like that! Yikes! Scary thought! I am sure others will pop in now that I have answered, because I belong to so many groups on here. I have allergies too like you do & had a pain doc almost kill me with morphine about a year ago.

DzooBaby 14 Feb 2012

I'm confused as to what you mean by you run out? You say that you dont take too many and dont run out early. Do you mean what med can you try next when you cant take all you listed because you are allergic? If you dont run out of hydrocodone early then they should be able to call you in another script when you run out. Hydrocodone is a Schedule III so it can be phoned in as opposed to needing a hard copy script each time like oxycodone and morphine do. I feel so bad for people who just cant take opioids. My aunt died from breast cancer and that poor woman couldnt take anything but ibuprofen and acetaminophen and she suffered so!! All opioids made her deathly ill! Have you tried oxycodone? If you can take the hydrocodone, it is a fair bet that you can take the oxycodone. It is too bad hydrocodone doesnt have a long acting counterpart like oxycodone does.

jestela 15 Feb 2012

I do run out of medicine because of my Insomnia. I can't take anything else even oxycodone. I do not take to many, I take them right as prescribed every 4 to 6 hours. I do not think that am alone on runing out of medicines before the next prescription. As for paper prescription, perhaps in your neighborhood they can't prescribe in paper, here they still do even of class 2 substance. I would not take advice from any source except from a doctor when it comes to what other medicines I could take. So I would not ask here what other medicines I should take. The question was preatty well thought out and written if you are having problems with it, is because you are not in the same boat as me.

Inactive 16 Feb 2012

For your information, Dzoobaby is a registered Nurse. I think you are a very unhappy depressed individual, & do not believe you are going to get the answer you are seeking here. Your well thought out question does not even make sense. If you are taking your meds as prescribed, & still run out, then your doctor is a dumb ass that cannot count. For all others, I suggest you read this persons profile before answering his question if you don't want your head bitten off... Mary

Shellica 15 Feb 2012

I am on a pain contract, so if U take too many... they don't care... U wait till ur next fill, So I take very good care of my meds, cuz U R labeled "Drug seeker" if U run out too soon... Dr.'s have a flip side & must... especially today with all the "blue collar workers" wanting the oxycontin... they can keep that junk as far as I'm concerned.. Shellica . free discount card

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