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What can you take when you are on predsisone for anxiety ?

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scowegi 17 Dec 2013

Go and learn TM, then go home, sit down and do transcendental meditation twice a day for the rest of your life. You will no longer need a medication for anxiety as you will be bubbling with your inner bliss.

endlessPred 18 Dec 2013

The problem is there re many who tach but few with skills. A lot of junk is taught out there. Try a Buddhist temple. TM is not really the thing. Meditation is. Pain groups now specialize in it. Progress does happen. :)

kaismama 17 Dec 2013

Prednisone causes anxiety. You can try things like camomile tea, or sometimes antihistamines help. If not tell your dr its making you anxious. How is your blood sugar doing?

Smiley22 17 Dec 2013

My blood sugar is only high 2 hour's after supper and by morning it is 90 or 105 I have not tried the insulin as yet . I was going today to see the nurse but we had another snow storm. I will see her Monday if it doesn't snow again. Thank You for your concern Kaismama its aways nice to hear from you.

kaismama 18 Dec 2013

We're friends here and need to support each other. We're snowed in too, my car hasn't moved since last Friday when I went to the pain dr. lolol.

endlessPred 18 Dec 2013

I am on an antidepressant and Xanax when on high dose. I have been on prednisone for almost nine years. I was fine until year three when I experienced being out of balance with my moods. Hang in there. We do what we must to keep going. Exercise, if you can, will help. Be sure you are careful with wheat flours and any form of sugar. It leads to type 2 diabetes if long term prednisone.

As I stated above regarding meditation, it is a great mood enhancer. However, my world does not allow me to constantly meditate.the pain of my condition is an issue. As it will be for many. Not all have meditated for thirty years, on the other hand, most don't learn much from it. One needs a true teacher. free discount card

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