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How can you tell if you have ADD or ADHD?

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Smackie Slumber 10 Nov 2015

Do 'energy' drinks make you sleepy?
Do you have an average or above average IQ yet do poorly with academia?
Do you go back into the house three times because you have forgotten something different each time?
Do you have four unfinished projects and starting a fifth?
Have you made it through this post without breaking eye contact?
Unfortunately I cannot examine you over the internet but to determine whether or not you have attention issues you have to sit through a four hour assessment. Ironic, forcing people with attention problems to sit still for 4 hours lol
Anyway, as a doctor AND a patient (yes, this is possible) we as Dr's can't read people's minds. Only YOU as the patient can advocate for yourself. Talk to your primary about a referral to a psychiatrist for an attention disorder assessment.
There's a protocol EVERY patient MUST follow- after you've chosen your primary care physician you are basically 'outsourced' to various specialists according to the disorders you feel you have.
This is because they are all licensed to do what they do individually and your PCP is not.
Prime example of this; Pain management Dr's are licensed to prescribe schedule 2 narcotics for as long as they see fit where as your PCP can only do it for acute purposes.
The idea is that they are supposed to coordinate care with your primary care physician whom exists solely to monitor the treatment(s) provided by your specialist(s).
I hope this makes sense. free discount card

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