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Can you go to work with the butran patch?

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DzooBaby 21 Jun 2013

The answer to that is "It depends" It depends on what you do for a living and how the drug affects you. If you operate heavy machinery or you drive for a living, you may want to stay home or try the drug on a weekend to see how you do with it first. If you feel fine then I dont see why you cant. If you are held to DOT standards (if you are a truck driver) you may get into trouble for using a drug like this. So really it just depends. You might want to talk to your prescribing Dr and/or your pharmacist as well.

subzero58 22 Jun 2013

that's a question only you can answer. bup effects everyone differently. if your job is operating heavy mech,or driving a school bus i'd say no.not because bup or butrans make you high,but maybe insurance companies have diff rules. I take sub every day and I can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. if you feel impaired from it and must work,talk to your doc about lowering your dose. If not and you must work,handle your business. that's one of the reasons to be on the patch. So you can function and still get relief from pain. Go for it ,but let your doc know first.hope this helps.subzero58,aka pete free discount card

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