Long story short, I've been taking Co-codamol - initially a combination of 8/500 and 30/500 but only the latter as of two weeks ago - for six weeks for severe muscular pain in my legs. My usage has varied with the pain, so for some weeks I've been taking 10 to 12 a day, some days as little as 2 or 4, but I've been taking them almost every day throughout. After countless doctor appointments and tests I finally got to see a physiotherapist and short version I now have an idea what's wrong and a program of stretches and exercises to do, which are very painful but I've been told to push through it, which makes the pain seem less scary and more manageable, so I've been taking them a lot less. Over the past couple of days I've felt increasingly sick, and yesterday was sick in the morning and all day fluctuated between too hot and too cold, with intense cramping and sharp pains in my stomach. Last night, even though I didn't want to as I felt sick, I took a couple of the Co-Codamol in the interests of not adding yet more strain to my body, and the next morning I felt less ill but got gradually worse as the day went on. I had to take some earlier for the legs, and I feel a wee bit better now. At no point whatsoever in the last six weeks have I felt a specific craving to take the pills (I'm a smoker and have had a dependency issue with a legal high in the past so I imagine it would be similar), so my question is, could it be possible that I could be withdrawing from Co-Codamol without knowing that was what my body wanted?

Thanks in advance, I've never posted a question before but your forums have given me great advice in the past.