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What to take when you have no voice?

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Inactive 1 Jan 2013

Hello marylilia. Can you be more specific please?If you mean having a sore throat and painfull to speak, any number of possible remedies. lozenges, pure honey, salt water to gargle. If not, a visit to a speech therapist. They can help people that stutter, or learn to talk again (as a result from having trama that led to the reason for not being able to speak) Regards pledge

Lisa01 2 Jan 2013

If your voice is gone due to laryngitis(sp?), use ibuprofen to help with the swelling in your throat. Hot tea with honey can be wonderfully soothing. Gargle several times a day with warm salt water. Talking as little as possible for a day or so will help. Stay away from carbonated drinks as these may irritate your throat. Of course you should visit your Dr for an antibiotic.
I hope this helps and you feel better soon. Happy New Year!

smileyhappy 2 Jan 2013

Hi Marylilia,

If you mean laryngitis, you need to be as quiet as possible for it to heal. free discount card

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