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If you take Vicodin for an extended period of time, can it cause primary biliary cirrhosis?

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Stephen Treloar 18 Sep 2017

Yes it can, the Acetaminophen component is quite toxic to the liver and long term use leads to liver issues; if you drink also, that only makes it worse.

Stephen Treloar 18 Sep 2017

***The Acetaminophen dose at maximum daily levels can be toxic in long term use.

Davekmen 24 Sep 2017

The maximum daily dose is 4gms or 8 :500mg of the apap aka Tylenol not the opiod hydrocodone or narco in the Vicodin. I recommend taking a lower dose apap Vicodin such as any hydrocodone 5,7.5,or10. Over 325mg of apap such As vicodin 5/325 7.5/325 or 10/325

chuck1957 18 Sep 2017

Yes; Just as my friend Stephen has said. But more yet you have a problem if you're having to take that much Vicodin one other thing the CCD, and dea just lowered the daily dose of Tylenol or acetaminophen so depending what your Vicodin has in it never go over 3grams of Tylenol which is 3000mg was 4 grams and it has been lowered. You need to speak to a doctor about this soon.

Momsue 18 Sep 2017

I am asking in regards to a family member that was diagnosed with PBC and they have told me that the dr said it can't come from the excessive use of the vicodin. I just wanted to confirm what I thought.

chuck1957 18 Sep 2017

Good; Always good to double check and don't worry we pass any judgment here glad you are there to help your family member have a good evening

chuck1957 18 Sep 2017

momsue; Reading more about this it says that the reason really is unknown has more to do with the imunne system backfireing on the patient mostly woman and has nothing to do with Tylenol

Davekmen 24 Sep 2017

Depends if you take 4gm of Tylenol or apap In the Vicodin or 12 of 325mg a day!

Momsue 24 Sep 2017

Not sure. Just know it is Vicodin or hydrocodone free discount card

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