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Can you use tramodol and 10mg butrans patch together?

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Inactive 27 Oct 2012

Hello lisaloo12,

"Ask your doctor before using buprenorphine together with traMADol. This can increase the seizure risk if you are taking other opioids."

Please click on the link provided for the full interaction:,438-14626&consumer=1

Take care,


kaismama 27 Oct 2012

I suggest you ask your doc to increase your butrans dose if its not helping. You are on a starter dose. You can also ask him about breakthrough pain. I don't think tramadol would work very well for breakthrough pain number one, and 2 there is a risk of cns depression and seizures mixing these meds.

Lisa01 28 Oct 2012

My Dr tried me on the same combination at first, but the 10 mg patch wasn't enough (now I'm on the 20mg) and the tramadol has never helped me. I'd ask your Dr to increase your patches and give you something else if you experience breakthrough pain. I take lortabs and they help immensely. Just my thoughts. I hope you find the relief you're seeking!

DrMike559 19 Dec 2017

Hi Lisa,

I personally utilize tramadol & butrans 20 mcg like yourself and i’d Like to know how much Tramadol are you taking per day? And how many tablets per dose? 50 mg or 100 mg doses etc.

Initially, I took 1 x 50 mg/day which did completely nothing. Then bumped it up until I was at the max dose at 4, 50 mg tablets 2 times a day.
I felt awesome break through pain relief only when I took 4 together which lasted maybe 4-6hrs
Then a second 4 tablet dose to get passed the second part of my work day.
These 2 prescriptions work wonders together and are relatively safer than the more powerful pain medications.

So possibly try adding more Tramadol since they work much better with break through pain than Butrans, which is designed for long lasting pain.

That’s what I did.

-Dr. Mike free discount card

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