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Can you take tramadol on an as need basis?

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kaismama 16 Feb 2015

I didn't find it very helpful that way. I had to keep the pain down or it didn't work.

Mackintosh 16 Feb 2015

Yes, this is how I take it. However, I am also on a stronger long-acting medication 24/7, so this is more for breakthrough type pain as a back go for my other med for chronic pain. I suggest eating something before taking it as it has been known to cause nausea otherwise, found this out the hard way!!!

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Delila 17 Feb 2015

Yes, if it works for you this way then no problem

Uncltodd 18 Feb 2015

I use Tramadol as needed, have for 2-1/2 years. BUT I always take it with 600 mg of Ibuprofen. The two meds "kick in" more quickly and effectively when taken together, in my case. Note that in my state, my doctor can only prescribe a 1-month supply... so he prescribes 4-50mg/day and I usually only take 2. Saves me a copay of $45 just for a prescription refill. :-)

NancyBK 14 Jul 2018

I talked to my doctor and I am switching from extended release tramadol so I can take it on an as-needed basis. Tramadol helps me very much for some pain and cold sweating due to a spinal cord injury. I'm going to take it With ibuprofen on an as-needed basis so I don't have to worry about it being habit-forming. free discount card

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