Hey I have been "sick" for about six months. My symptoms are
I'm never hungry, use to not be able to chew or swallow food,
Dull pains in my stomach,
Episodes of gas reflux(burping bloating)
Nausea(mainly in morning, or at night)vomiting(only happened about 6 times) diarrhea
Abdominal pains
Episodes of shortness of breath (idk how to explain this but it's like a panic attack and I feel like my life could end)
Chills/hot sweats in night
The other day I was hiking and I ran for a little and when I got home I felt like I was going to have a hard attack. I had a hard pain from my abs to my chest and the bottom of my sternum was super tender. This is so weird for me I am a 19 year old who recently graduated. Since then I have lost 30 pounds and I barely eat. I've never been picky ever but I have no drive to eat unless I'm starving.
I've been to the er on 3-17 because I was bed bound for a week and didn't eat/threw up. The er said I just had nausea and gave me ivs (even though I could drink) and gave me some anti nausea meds. I didn't pick them up because I knew it would be a waste of my time. The paper I left with said return if you experiance... Then went to list off all of my symptoms I told the. I was experiencing and told them. I waited until about two months ago where I had a scheduled clinic appointment due to my continous pains etc. he said maybe I was experiancing stress and gave me omeprazole to see if it would help. I took that for a while and thought my problem was gone until one day I woke and was experiancing the same thing over again. Me waking up throwing up unable to eat and really nauseous. i have an appointment this Monday july 11th but I'm not sure if I should go to the er. i feel like I have an ulcer and this could be really serious I so. Please help what do you think? I forgot to add this but I use to be a frequent smoker 6 years and I had a prescription for ibuprofen 800mg which I took x3 a day for chronic pain. This is why I think I could have an ulcer