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Do you think Im pregnant 3 positive test missed period and 3 negative test whats going on?

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DzooBaby 20 Mar 2012

I'm confused. Please go into a little more detail. You missed your period and you took six tests? 3 pos and three neg? When did you take the tests? I need a little more detail as to what is going on. More than likely you just need to see your OB-GYN Dr for confirmation. Generally, if you get a positive result on a pregnancy test you ARE pregnant. It is easier to get a false negative than a false positive. Pregnancy tests test for a substance in the urine called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is only produced when a woman is pregnant. If a test has detected the presence of HCG, it will be a positive test and the subject IS pregnant. False negatives CAN occur if there is not enough HCG to be detected so if, for instance, the urine is too dilute the test might not pick it up and give you a false negative. The best time to take a test is the first urination of the morning when HCG is most concentrated. if you have had a positive test then it is very likely you are pregnant and should see your OB-GYN for confirmation.

liliana22 22 Mar 2012

ok about 4 days ago took 3 home pt all positive 2 days i took 1 doctors urine test not blood and it came out negative took 2 more at home they came out negative havent had a perod at all this month o i take rameron for depressin im confused am i pregnant or not? then took another one today and it came out inconclusive im scared and afraid im miscaring dont know what to do cant get to ob till next friday free discount card

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