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Can you get TB from getting a flu shot when sick with a URI,cervical cancer& on depo shot?

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kaismama 27 Nov 2013

What a strange idea. Tb is caused be a bacteria. Flu and colds are caused by viruses.

kathyhanson 27 Nov 2013

Did you get the flu shot while sick with a URI? If so, that was very irresponsible of the doctor to give it. No, you cannot get TB from the flu shot. As far as the cancer, I received the flu shot every year while going through chemo and radiation. You should make sure, though, that they are not giving you the live virus. Your immune system is already taxed by fighting the cancer.

DzooBaby 27 Nov 2013

I'm surprised they gave it while getting chemo. We were advised not to give it while on chemo because the immune system is too weak.

kathyhanson 27 Nov 2013

Yes, I got both the flu and pneumonia shots. My oncologist only cautioned me to be sure that I never, ever get the live virus. Of course, during that time I was already getting IgG infusions too. Maybe that is the difference for me and patients like me. My doc felt that the benefits of the immunizations far outweighed the risks. Thanks for the info for cancer patients. I guess the info I gave was subjective, and may not apply to all cancer patients. So, I truly appreciate the correction of info!
You're a gem, girl!

endlessPred 28 Nov 2013

Hi. Kathy is correct. My immune system is depressed. Yet, I recently received the flu shot and the pneumonia shots (2 of these, 6-8 weeks apart). Sorry that I had thought the flu shot was the one with two. Anyhow, some immunity is far more helpfull than none.there is no accurate way to know if full immunity is reached in me unless I get the actual disease. Live virus is the key with this. As long as one does not fight the infection from a live virus there will be immunity developed at some rate that will not be harmful. It provides a head start to the body if exposed, just as all immunities do.

DzooBaby 27 Nov 2013

No TB only happens with exposure to the bacteria that causes it. Flu and colds are viruses. They shouldnt give a flu shot if you are sick or taking chemo. free discount card

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