I stopped my Geodon in August and had horrible anxiety and nausea. My Dr has had me on varying dose of Xanax XR and Ativan for about a year. In September he increased my Xanax XR to 4mg... 1mg 4 Times a day. I recently discovered the Ashton Manual and brought it to my pdoc today. Two weeks ago he decreased me to Xanax XR 3mg and upped my Ativan to 2mg. I haven’t eaten or slept since. He didn’t know about the manual and agreed to add Valium 10 mg at night. He voiced concern that it references regular Xanax. Told of possible respiratory distress while I sleep, if I sleep. He said it’s a low %... but now I’m scared... I don’t want to die. Please help... I’m supposed to take it tonight.