I had to stop because my doctor never told me I had to take less medicine and after research some meds caused severe reactions and doc won't listen. I had yellow compacted stool, total confusion, no memory, organs and muscle aches, bed ridden, blood turning hard black coming out of skin, vision impairment, soars on lips, peeling nails, eyelashes fell out, rectal bleeding, problems urinating, to confused to call for help, insomnia, I was dying in the bed and my mouth is still so dry at all times and lips, can't go poop, muscles in pain and week, racing thoughts and I am scared to start again my doctor told me I needed to go to a psyc hospital and that the accidents I have in my pants and all my symptoms I am imagining. I was geneo type 1 chronic hepatitis and he says I still am but I feel scared and I don't think there is enough known about the drugs it's only been out for 14 months and so many lawe suits and even deaths. I need help.