I have multiple sclerosis and addisons disease and degenerative disk disease in lower back and 3 malformed vertebrate in lower back. I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in all joints. I'm on disability and work part time to afford copays. They have me going once a month at new doc to get lortab 10/325. I can't afford to go every month to pain dr because I have other specialist I must see at a 40.00 copay each. I had to switch drs because I lost my husbands insurance due to obamacare and they didn't take my new medicare plan. the lortabs don't always work anymore and was told at the old Dr that if the lortabs weren't working as well I could come every month for low dose percocets. I have a mentally retarded nonverbal autistic mentally retarded 21 year old son I take care of daily so I need good pain control. Please advise how I approach the new Dr. I no longer have a tens unit which helped but I only make 600.00 a month and pay my friend 170.00 a month to watch my son so I can work.I refuse t spend my work money on all copays.